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  •  my good deed for the day (6+ / 0-)

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    Flea market finds. Pickled eggs and grass for Kenny J and me (Kishik~at the top of the watering can's handle in the reflection of the car window you can see my biceps from the gym so I can arm wrestle you next time I see you :-)
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    As you know I buy for several organizations and museums and spied this wooden barrel with the top. Very unusual to see one of this age with a top. I was thinking about it for a certain museum when I ran across the carpenter that actually does work for the museum! I took him over to see it and he said it was perfect. I told him if the dealer comes down $10, I'll buy it. The dealer came down. I even delievered it the museum this afternoon and this is the picture of it sitting inside. The building in the 1700s was a dry goods store and some very important historical events happened there. They are thrilled with it as the only barrels they had were new reproductions. This one adds so much historical character as many Connecticut children will see it.
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