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    I mentioned in another diary (daily bucket) that the pear tree that I'm always complaining about (squirrels throwing pear cores at my head, making a royal mess) is something I could never consider just chopping down!  My grandmother planted that tree, my mother gathered up the pears to make pies and preserves and sauce!  The bird feeders are hung from it and during winter the birds really do love to roost in that tree since it does provide shelter.

    And I have so many other things my grandmother planted in the yard.  My mother would bitch and complain about weeding and such, but she kept a lot of things in order because her mom planted them.  So I kinda have been doing the same, bitching and complaining, but because of the history, do my part to keep it up (however haphazardly and badly at times!)

    If ever I was to move, I'd be digging up a LOT of stuff to take along with me...

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    by kishik on Mon Jul 29, 2013 at 10:00:44 AM PDT

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