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View Diary: Mr. KOS, Code of Conduct Rule No. 1: Ad Hominem Attacks Are Verboten (151 comments)

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    I'm not going anywhere..

    Mitt Romney was CEO of Bain until Aug 2001. Proof of Bain & Romney Fraud

    by laserhaas on Mon Sep 09, 2013 at 08:56:05 AM PDT

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      VetGrl, Adam B

      but "ad hominems" won't ever be banned in the sense that you want them all because you couldn't answer a simple series of questions.

      I actually did make an attempt. While we were going back and forth, I quickly read through about a year's worth of your work here at Daily Kos. I still really have no idea what is going on with etoys and its bankruptcy having read your diaries and honestly Mitt Romney is a non-issue for me now. but there's a pattern in the comments threads of many of them: people show up confused, ask questions, you attack them, and then accuse them of being a gang of stalkers. Worse is when freak out when others try to fill the gaping holes in your own narrative because you're unwilling to do it. If this is how you behaved in court, well, no wonder you lost.

      Dawkins is to atheism as Rand is to personal responsibility- mperiousRex.

      by terrypinder on Mon Sep 09, 2013 at 09:19:43 AM PDT

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