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  •  not all communists were pro-Soviet (2+ / 0-)
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    Upper West, sidnora

    Many people who identified as communists rejected the Soviet Union as the rotten fruit of a failed revolution - the ironic fulfillment of the capitalist dream of turning society into a giant forced labor camp.  The proto-neocons rejected the academic Left for supporting and defending Stalin and the USSR.  Furthermore, the proto-neocons rejected the Sixties "New Left" for its abandonment of class politics in favor of identity politics (thus mirroring the John Bircherites), which old-school socialists/communists think is a cynical attempt to divide the working class.

    Obviously the neocons embraced the Republican Party for its anti-Soviet stance, but more importantly they bought Reagan hook, line, and sinker, thinking he was the front man of a radical and heroic "New Right" that meant what it said about the fearless championing of human dignity, self-determination, and material well-being ... versus either the New Left's alleged vision of race riots and drum circles or the stuffy and apolitical old Right that didn't give a shit about anything.

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