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View Diary: Is There a Christian Nationalist Majority in America? (167 comments)

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    After the Reformation, Europe was soaked in blood and horror as a result of warfare arising from internecine differences between what we innocently call "denominations" today.  This was because the Chirch and Government had been the SAME for the last 13-14 hundred years, so religion was could not be thought as a PERSONAL affair.  This made perfect sense to them.  How could the State be anything but God's affair, and how could wrong theology invite anything but God's wrath?  

    The problem with the theocrats is that they don't understand the political roots of theocracy.  After much brutality, rivers of blood, torture, endless persecution, pograms, and witch burnings, the Europeans finally realized that post-reformation religion couldn't possibly serve as a foundation of the state without horror and brutality.  Religion thus entered the private sphere.  Theocrats think secularism is an assault by atheists on the religion.  The reality is quite different.  Secularism or the separation of church and state arose to protect the religious from the religious, Christians from Christians.  Where your belief is based on the authority of sanctioned interpretations or revelation, only violence can reign because there's no way of adjudicating interpretive disputes.

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