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  •  One of the disadvantages of living and spending (4+ / 0-)

    most of your time in a big city is that you tend to be shielded from all this, and don't realize how pervasive such attitudes and beliefs are among many if not most Americans, to one extent or another. Decades of Woody Allen-type urban comedies just reinforce this illusion in the minds of those who rarely if ever venture out into the "heartland", or have relatives and friends who live in it.

    The US may have been founded by, and may be run and owned by, elites, but most of its citizens are just regular people, many of them, it seems, holding antiquated and--to most of us--bizarre ideas about race, culture, religion and science, that have more basis in myth than reality.

    While life is challenging to most Americans these days, in terms of holding onto a job, paying the bills and getting through the day, it's not nearly challenging enough intellectually to force them to confront their pre-enlightenment views, which are clearly out of touch with reality and incompatible with modernity. I think we maybe should starting thinking about what to do about that.

    The mideast has its fundamentalists, who have turned to violence for the past few decades. But we have our own, and while most are not violent, at least not overtly, I believe that the policies that have resulted from the election of fundamentalist politicians by a majority of Americans is a form of legal violence, e.g. anti-abortion laws, anti-gay laws, anti-minority laws.

    Yes, I do look down at people who believe this crap, and view them as idiots and fools, intellectually infantilized adults who reject major portions of reality for fear of giving up on their "culture" and "heritage". I am an elitist that way. I'm not going to lie about that just to be "civil". I don't know what to do about this state of affairs, but I do know that acknowledging it must be the first step.

    You can't be a well-functioning 21st century country with 19th century minds.

    "Liberty without virtue would be no blessing to us" - Benjamin Rush, 1777

    by kovie on Thu Aug 15, 2013 at 07:14:25 AM PDT

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