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View Diary: We Can End Racial Profiling in NYC Today: Here's How (3 comments)

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  •  What you can do online TODAY! (3+ / 0-)

    So a lot of the city council members we need to reach out to are also on twitter. Activists will be tweeting all day today and tomorrow to let them know that we are counting on them to end Racial Profiling and that we need them to pass this bill NOW.

    Here's are some tweets you can share

    .@ChrisCQuinn says she'd be a progressive mayor but voted against racial profiling ban. Will she change vote this week to #EndStopAndFrisk?

    NY could lead the country against racial profiling THIS WEEK. Ask @DomenicRecchia to make history, #EndStopAndFrisk

    NY can stand against racism and put racist profiling behind us. Ask @ElizCrowleyNYC to make history, #EndStopAndFrisk

    Give Bloomberg a going-away present on Thursday. Override his veto of racial profiling ban, @BronxPad, & #endstopandfrisk

    But totally, go ahead and write you're own as well.

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