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  •  I like Ray Pensador. I dont think hes evil at all. (4+ / 0-)

    I think that Ray is a very passionate very intelligent member of this community.  If I understand him correctly, he's what I think can fairly be described as a militant socialist.  I am not a militant socialist, but I respect for the many who are a part of this community.

    My issue with Ray, is that I think his eagerness sometimes clouds his judgement and he blurs the line between the socialist world view and his own conspiracy theories.  This is a reality based community and we are not supposed to tolerate conspiracy theories.  

    Now, to be clear, I don't think that he means to do it.  I think he honestly thinks he is correct.  But, he's a sales person.  It's his job to find a path from A to B.  Usually, it involves some leaps.  Usually, it involves convincing someone he is selling to to take the leap with him.  

    Based on his writing, I imagine that Ray is very good at his job.   But I think he tries to apply the same kind of thinking to systems and either he doesn't have the depth or the breadth (not sure which it is that he lacks) to see that he's jumping to conclusions.  I think he's so used to jumping that he doesn't see it as a jump.

    Look, I overreacted to his diary.  I have a bit of post traumatic crazy religion disorder and when I see people doing what Ray does it makes my insides knot up.  I get really defensive toward this community when it comes to this stuff, because this community is probably the only intellectual community that I have ever found that also has the biggest hearts in the world.  It's usually one or the other.  So, I can go from lovable teddy bear to aggressive protective bear when I feel that something is threatening that.

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