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  •  Okay... PR thoughts.... (2+ / 0-)
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    estreya, jayden

    I finally saw the episode.  Ken totally acted like a jerk, but I can kind of see where he was coming from.  I think Sue would have totally driven me crazy with her entire passive aggressive behavior the entire time! And then there was Alexandria who didn't seem to speak up.

    It is a team challenge, and part of that is trying to come to a consensus, but gah.  Sue actually said to Ken, oh, are you going to be our chauffeur? Ummmm... I guess she is clueless? Why the hell would you ask that of a black man?!

    And then to hear the model had to sew something at the end?! Gah!

    But it was so obvious that the whole collection was a complete flop.  Ken acted the diva, Sue acted the victim, and Alexandria seemed bent on not getting involved at all. She's like the neighbor who hears the screams of someone getting beaten up but then justifies her not intervening by saying oh, I thought that was the TV with the volume up.

    Sue playing the victim bugged me more than aken playing the bully.  I think Sue put in on any of the other teams would have just as much trouble.  I think what was telling was her sole use of curtains only...

    Honestly, there is no way Sue would have survived much longer.  You can't hand sew every single thing with the challenges that are on PR.  It's not a take as long as you need competition!


    Jeremy's piece was okay, but Bradon's should have been the winner.

    Thing that is driving me crazy... How many unconventional material challenges are they going to have! I mean, is it there way to move off those they know won't make it to the end?

    All the suffering of this world arises from a wrong attitude.The world is neither good or bad. It is only the relation to our ego that makes it seem the one or the other - Lama Anagorika Govinda

    by kishik on Sun Aug 18, 2013 at 10:40:36 AM PDT

    •  Sue was definitely out of her league (2+ / 0-)
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      estreya, kishik

      and her sewing issues were without question problematic but there was nothing she did or said to deserve such open hostility by a teammate. I think both women took the approach that walking on eggshells was the best solution for dealing with such a hair-triggered hot headed prima donna. The other option probably would have lead to an all-out shouting match. Either way, the main source of the problem for the team was Ken's behavior. It was inexcusable.

      For all her previous bluster I think Alexandria was intimidated by Ken's anger and open contempt. She was more like the neighbor who hears someone getting beaten next door but is intimidated into acquiescence because she's been told she's next if she says anything. She was completely flustered on how to handle the situation.

      And while I cringed when Sue blurted out the chauffeur comment I viewed it as sexist, not racist, because Ken was the only guy on their team.

      Sue deserved the boot for sure but Ken earned a kick in the ass as well. Both should have been sent packing, imo. We'll know soon enough if his behavior improves and he quits being such a contemptuous asshole.

      •  I had a similar reaction to that comment ... (2+ / 0-)
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        jayden, kishik

        I did cringe, and immediately thought, "Oh no.  I'll bet she wishes she could gobble those words right back up into her mouth!"  I've been in the situation where i'll nervously try to make a joke, only to regret it immediately when i "hear" the words as they exist outside the confines of my skull.

        •  LOL!! (2+ / 0-)
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          estreya, kishik

          The good ol' "Did I really just say that?" moment!

        •  bleh... (3+ / 0-)
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          estreya, jayden, rb137

          sometimes stuff comes out of all our mouths.

          I've always found it's best to just say it -

          Ack!!  I didn't mean to say that like it sounded!!!  Please don't take offense!

          That way it puts everyone at ease immediately.

          gah - so I'm watching last season's Top Chef.  There's a quiet japanese chef on it.  She doesn't speak English well, and admits she can't always express herself well - so it may be even in her native tongue, she is just a quiet reserved person.

          So at the start where they're "auditioning" for a spot, some chef (and he DIDN'T make the cut) calls her "Origami".

          And then there's another male chef who comments, I noticed I was standing next to Kumiko and i know she's Japanese so I thought she would have increidble knife skills.


          so we can say stuff could be edited for a specific reaction, but I can't see how editing can make the interpretation of both statements anything but the first one insulting and inappropriate, and the second totally a stereotype.

          I don't think Ken will last long, honestly.  He likes to do pageant stuff!!!  We don't need another pageant designer contestant.  Really.  They only go so far in PR.

          All the suffering of this world arises from a wrong attitude.The world is neither good or bad. It is only the relation to our ego that makes it seem the one or the other - Lama Anagorika Govinda

          by kishik on Mon Aug 19, 2013 at 10:32:48 AM PDT

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      •  I dunno... (3+ / 0-)
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        estreya, jayden, rb137

        I don't think Sue meant to make such a statement, but you know, I bet Ken took it exactly as that - like WTF, be your chauffeur!  I do think that Sue must live in a bubble if she thinks that with her lack of skill-set she could really keep up.  If she was like Rami - who draped EVERYTHING (but had that weird colour taste), but he draped things beautifully and could sew, she could have been in the running.  I did like her design sense (from what she presented in the interview).  But in the end, unless you handsew FAST and impeccably, as Alexandria pointed out, you can't just NOT sew on a machine.

        But reacting to someone aggressively opinionated like Ken by being passive aggressive to the nth degree isn't the best way to... well... be in a competition!!!  And to be on reality tv!!!!

        I don't think there needed to be a shouting match, but Ken was bulldozing over those two because they let him.  They really need to take part of the blame for the team failure.  There are plenty of ways to stand up to someone without getting equally as aggressive.  And you know, the other thing that he got immediately pissed over - the budget.  You have Sue who doesn't care if she goes OVER budget. And Alexandria who just goes along with Sue in buying things that won't be used.

        While all of them would be divvying up the cost, in the end, that's a chunk out of each individuals overall budget.  I can see Ken thinking - shit, that could be an extra $200 I could be using in a future challenge... instead of spending it on things that won't be used or will be barely used (like the wallpaper that the other two wanted to use as trim).

        And Alexandria is gonna have to deal with aggressive personalities in the industry!!  omg... there are so many f*cking divas out there!!  whether they're models or designers.

        In looking over the winning collection, the more I looked at it, and listened to the comments, I think they judges like that the winning team really presented a concept AND a collection that melded well together.  None outrightly outbalanced the other.

        I think Bradon had a winning design, but as part of a collection, those three didn't pull together as the winning team.

        I still wasn't impressed with Miranda... however I did like what Karen pulled out.  I'm not a big fan of her design style, but I liked what she did to pull in texture.

        that british Daddy is just soooo British!!  LOL  But he is adorable.

        I still really like Dom, though.  She has a really great fresh POV.  And she seems like a no-drama kind of person.

        All the suffering of this world arises from a wrong attitude.The world is neither good or bad. It is only the relation to our ego that makes it seem the one or the other - Lama Anagorika Govinda

        by kishik on Mon Aug 19, 2013 at 10:25:50 AM PDT

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