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  •  tipped and recced because the history (11+ / 0-)

    of cointelpro is important.  I also think they have a serious PR spin machine in overdrive right now on all things related to snowden and manning.  I was amazed how quickly they got all the shills on TV with all the right, phony talking points the day Snowden's first taped interview went on the air.

    I don't worry, though, about cointelpro or corporate sockpuppets.  The reasons are practical ones.

    First and foremost: It's not a very good idea.  It won't work.  That doesn't mean they aren't doing it.  Just... it won't work.  

    I would be embarrassed to explain just how much I know about trolling, because I'm too old to do that anymore, but back in the early days of the web, I was one of the very best and most destructive.  It comes from being as creative as I am, and having such a vile and cruel sense of humor and a sociopathic disrespect for others.  I'm the most dangerous person cointelpro could possibly hire to be a sockpuppet, and they're not knocking on my door.  

    And god knows I could use the job and the money, so, NSA goons, please, call me, you have my number, you have EVERYbody's number.  Although I'm not inclined to troll for the NSA, I'd be a good trainer for other trolls.  I'd only hire the best, those people who I met personally and knew to be too abnormal to have any other useful function in the real world, and that's something you can only see face to face, looking in another man's beady squinty eyes.

    Most real human beings don't have what it takes to be a really good troll.  Not if they're normal and healthy and have a life.  They might be able to fake it for a day or two, but more than that is impossible.  It wouldn't be believable or interesting enough to impede the normal flow of conversation.  

    And trolls never change anybody's minds about anything.  How do I know?  Because WE don't change anybody's minds, none of us here, about anything, EVER.  Okay, I'm a bit hyperbolic with that last statement, but it's almost completely true.  Don't kid yourself about how much influence you have on a blog like this.  This is a venting exercise, maybe a community building exercise; we don't change anybody's minds with our very best snark.  

    We are pitifully ineffective compared to what we like to think we are.  Given that, any Cointelpro sockpuppet would be wasting time to come here and repetitiously argue junk like, "Snowden was a Paulite," over and over again.  Nobody really cares after the tenth time.  Maybe Ron Paul does.

    So, now that we've established it's a waste of time, we can also assume that it's an awful, awful waste of money.  And we like our enemies to waste money.  Therefore, we should hope that they waste their time and money on trolls to hang out on sites like this to say stupid things.  Hey, the more the merrier.

    None of this is proof that they wouldn't do something that is provably stupid and wasteful of time and money.  People do stupid wasteful things all the time (See: Iraq War) for reasons they quickly forget about.  If they do, though, I don't care.  I'm fine with it.  

    I might actually find it flattering, too, to think any governmental or corporate entity would want to put that much focus of its vital energy on me and my bros at DailyKos.  It means more people are reading my snarky bullshit posts.  I would LOVE to think that there's some dickhead at the NSA actually reporting to the NSA the bad things I say about them, and mulling them over carefully, looking for holes in my logic that they can exploit with some well-paid-for snarky reply.  

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