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View Diary: Assassinations, Intimidation, Psychological Warfare, Misinformation, And Other Illegal Tactics (206 comments)

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  •  How about it's wrong, (7+ / 0-)

    anti-democratic, illegal and unconstitutional. You might point out that the Bill of Rights is what protects we the people. These rights are old basic law, the Great Writ that people have struggled for centuries to develop. With out these civil and human rights we have no protection from the repressive want to rule the world anti-democratic entities who now own our government.

    The Law is King, said Thomas Paine. Without checks or balances of power or the Law we are not a functioning democracy. The NSA spying is a symptom of our broken government that has under the guise of the GWOT destroyed the foundation that our system of governance was built on. Flawed as it is it is 'better then' what we have become and where we're headed. Those pesky self evident truths seem to have been obscured by the fear we Americans are addicted to.  

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