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View Diary: On the false equivalence between "Obama rox" and "Obama sux" (295 comments)

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    dismiss any and all legitimate criticism as a personal attack against the man himself?

    That is usually "Rox!"'s FIRST accusation, here and on other political sites, and there is no reasonable discussion possible with people who cannot handle even legitimate criticism of Obama's policies.

    THAT is the real core of the problem: a personality cult that cannot accept legitimate criticism as anything other than "hatred for Obama", as one of the biggest offenders- Regis, Reggit; he isn't important enough to me to remember- did up in the comments.

    Whatever his name is on here, if I say I dislike your mom's cooking, I probably don't actually hate your mom, but that is too often the first response made by "Rox!" to any legitimate concern brought up by "Sux!" for me to be anything but suspicious that there's something else going on entirely, and none of it good for this blog or any other site. If you go look at his "comment", with the cute little bulleted list of Republispeak, you'll start to grok what I'm observing here. Hyperbole, and a half. Intentionally.

    Frankly, the T word comes to mind immediately, especially since no reasonable discussion is possible when even mild criticism is (mostly intentionally, IMO) misinterpreted in that manner. And yes, I've seen it in spades on other political sites, always from "Rox!"

    That's why I call "Rox!" a personality cult, and a dangerous one to any functioning representative democracy. They don't need to be reasoned with, because they can't be reasoned with until they abandon the delusion that attacking Obama's policies is not attacking Obama.

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