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View Diary: Korea Shows us Infrastructure of the Future (Near end to Oil Use) (59 comments)

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  •  the near term application is busses, that can sit (3+ / 0-)
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    nchristine, nirbama, ybruti

    on a pad,  putting them on roads which weather badly and take a ton of abuse will be really challenging.

    I'd say this would be a wonderful thing for airports, require
    all the circulating shuttles to be electric and they can
    either take quick charges when they hit the rental place
    and dump off, or they can have a couple charge points for where they stop and pick up passengers.

    Given the thousands of vehicles running underneath LAX terminals this would be a big deal to let the  
    air be a lot cleaner.  

    if you also charged a $50 pollution fee for ICE cars entering
    but gave a pass to EVs or Hybrids that can cruise in on battery, you would really have an impact fast.

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