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  •  I didn't trust our tap water (9+ / 0-)

    Our city is going through discussions about whether to continue the added fluoride. Geez, I thought that was proven to be a bad idea years ago.

    I was curious about the bubbles as well. They were increasing in numbers before the pool dried. The tadpoles were frequently breaking the surface with open mouths. There were shrimp like animals stranded in the mud with the tadpoles. They didn't fair well. I'll try to find the answer.

    I hate the jet sound overhead. Between Davis-Monthan Tucson and Ft Huachuca we get some loud fly overs. I sometimes complain but never thought about how it effects the animals.

    I yellow leaves falling normal for this time of year?

    •  Yes leaves start falling now, the alders first (10+ / 0-)

      even though it's still summer technically. Maybe they are responding to day length, and that's shortened noticeably since a couple of months ago. It's strange to think about it that way, but we're getting as much daylight now as we had in April. I hope my second crop of peas has enough to mature. I can feel the winter coat building up in my cat's fur, and that's a photoperiod thing mainly, not temperature.

      The jet noise is really irritating. I wouldn't be surprised if it's detrimental to wildlife, though there are no studies to prove that I know of. The jets aren't supposed to fly under 1000 feet, though sometimes I'm dubious of that. Air noise is bad enough, but where it's definitely harmful is to marine mammals, especially when the navy is testing sonar. It's a constant legal battle trying to restrict the range of their activity.

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