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  •  I like hot and spicy food (4+ / 0-)

    but I agree with Debbie in ME - it shouldn't hurt.

    I can whistle in tune, but only for a few bars. I rarely whistle, though :)

    Bugs - I'm skeered of spiders, no matter the size, and this house gets its share. Ants don't bother me, but there's never been an invasion. My cats watch them, but don't show a lot of interest--except at night, naturally, when I'm getting in bed and one or both of them is staring at the ceiling, tail swishing. I can't see anything, but I just know it's a spider that will crawl on me when I'm asleep!). They will usually go after the occasional centipede, and I'm very grateful for that - I hate those creepy, fast-moving suckers!

    I do appreciate black and white films and TV shows and so does my son. I like black and white photography, too.

    Oh, cookbooks. I'm down to about 2-3. I usually use the internet now. I have way too many books as is. But I'll look at cookbooks in the bookstore (there are actually 2 within a five-ten minute drive from my house), and sometimes write down a recipe that I want to try. I can't copy the pretty picture, but my finished dish never turns out to look like it anyway!

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