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View Diary: Orson Scott Card: What's Mainstream in the Madness (144 comments)

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    Ticorules, happymisanthropy

    ...some of his earlier crackpot whinings. This is absolutely true-to-form, and indeed is relatively mild compared to some of his anti-gay screeds.

    He is not trying to sabotage the movie. He literally believes that anyone who would like it must hate Obama already, because how could someone be so acute as to like his book and not acute enough to hate the child-molesting Hitler monster communist Obama.

    Mind you, having read the first two books, and given them a good once-over with a critical eye, they do not strike me as in any way compatible with progressivism, except in the same way that ice cream is compatible with weight loss: a little bit isn't going to seriously jeopardize your goals, but it certainly is pulling in pretty much the exact opposite direction.

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