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  •  Something I want to add, since I can't edit... (0+ / 0-)

    Someone said this to me in another comment thread here:

    If it's important for you to be able to assert your position over someone, then yeah, you need to find somewhere you're more comfortable.  But I think that's a problem.
    How am I supposed to take that?  Look closely at the above paragraph and consider the obvious implications.  What do you suppose that this person who knows me only from the few paragraphs that I've already typed thinks of me?  Do you see why I find this shit depressing?  Can't I have motives that are good?  Or does it all have to be about asserting my dominance or whatever other things men have apparently been socially conditioned to do?

    I'm just so damn tired of it.  And yes -- by the way -- it is hurtful, not that it's going to ruin my day.  But here I am being reminded of precisely why I no longer want to be around these people.

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