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View Diary: Gov. Paul LePage tells fellow Republicans: Obama 'hates white people' (142 comments)

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  •  Something's rotten in the State of Maine (0+ / 0-)

    "Could we just have one damn Republican governor who is not a three-inch oozing sore on the face of the nation?"

    I don't support him but, to be fair (and I could be wrong) I also don't believe that Chris Christie's ever said anything like Le Page's comments -- which is one of the reasons Christie's become something of a pariah in the Republican Party and antagonist to the likes of Senator Rand Paul who, more and more, seems to be representative of mainstream GOP thought (to use a conveniently -- but less and less -- accurate term) and action.

    As for the substance of Le Page's words, the easily-proved fact is that HE hates working people.  Holds the struggles and aspirations of ordinary Americans beneath his contempt.  Remember a few months ago when Le Page ordered historic murals in his State Capitol building depicting the noble history of Maine's place in, and encouragement of, the labor movement covered up?  

    A Koch Brothers moment, if ever there was one, for which the billionaire siblings, dreaming of a new slave economy with the U.S. one big plantation, from sea to shining sea, will surely reward him come re-election time.

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