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View Diary: ‘You Failed to Break the Spirit of Bradley Manning’: An Open Letter to President Obama (217 comments)

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  •  Manning is 100% Obama's responsibility... (16+ / 0-)

    the conduct of personnel charged with detaining Manning is entirely under the control of the Obama administration.

    Manning's arrest and detention happened on Obama's watch, the buck stops where?

    Obama's personal cowardice in this matter is disgusting. A simple order, as Commander in Chief, to treat Manning with respect and dignity that even a alleged military rapist would get, was all that was required. The military wanted to send a message to potential future troublemakers, and Obama wanting to win brownie points with the military allowed them to conduct themselves in a manner reminiscent of the Gestapo or KGB. I hope he's proud.

    Not only was Manning abused and mistreated, but it became public knowledge and the administration still did nothing to correct the treatment.

    What does this say to anyone in the future.... you better not do what Manning did, or else you too will be tortured and abused and treated like an animal, if you're lucky.

    Which was the whole point of the treatment in the first place.

    What did Obama get a Nobel for anyway, I still don't get it? But he needs to be stripped of it.

    I'll remind you all, all who condemn Manning and look aside during his abuse, of how Nelson Mandela was regarded at the time of his arrest and trial.... murderer, terrorist, revolutionary... and now?

    At a minimum, to make amends for his sins in this matter, President Obama needs to take the heat from the lunkheads of 'Merica, he needs to stand up and at a minimum commute the sentence to time served, with a public apology fo the mistreatment in custody of Manning.

    I'm NOT condoning Manning's actions, I do not agree with his methods, but he in no way deserved to be mistreated in custody and I'm ashamed for my nation, President, and military for their conduct in this matter.

    Wow, you beat up and abused a meek little man, you sure showed him huh? You are real big tough soldier's huh? No, you are cowards and a disgrace to the uniform and Nation.

    Presidents are human people, they are not perfect, they make mistakes, and even our greatest of great's have made serious mistakes in their time. The real test is how you own up to your mistakes.

    FDR didn't live long enough to face the Japanese internments, I like to hope he'd have owned up to his actions after the war and taken responsibility. Obama is in a position to do the right thing, this is his test as a leader, and human being.

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