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  •  BarbaraMichaels is the only author of romance+para (2+ / 0-)
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    wonderful world, RiveroftheWest

    normal i've read, but i've read all of those, which all have considerable mystery elements, most i think with a murder somewhere along the way.   have read all her other books under her other names except i think 2 of the nonfiction egypt books under her real name, Barbara Mertz.    even from her earliest, her protagonists were strong smart women or became strong&smart during the story, and she had considerable peer recognition within her field even before, i think, she got her Amelia Peabody archaeologist character series well under way, under penname Elizabeth Peters.  i stumbled into a thread about those a week or 2 ago, so i posted about her other names & gave her website url.  shockingly, mertz/peters/michaels passed away just a couple days later.  i posted again then.  she was a very private person except for her writing & travels in egypt & other public activities - i really hope she left her kids permission for a biography because there are elements in her writing that sound like her life was very tough early on, in particular ways that i think would make a biography very encouraging & valuable.

    have read everything of georgette heyer which i believe more or less created the 'regency romance' subgenre but those were straightforward historicals, no supernatural.  taught me to understand the language of austen, thackery, dickens, which i deeply hated in highschool because, as it turned out, i had no clue what the heck they were saying.  i can still read longform fiction if with some sidetracking of attention if ideas send me off on a tangent.  haven't been able to read serious fiction or llongform nonfic at all, because of that sidetracking, so i'm obviously one of the stressed people for whom light fiction is necessary.  i seem to be mostly reading barbara hambly & her pen name Hamiliton right now, and rereading kate wilhelm...

    is CB Pratt your pen name?  i haven't gone to kos katalogue for fear of what irresistibles i might find there....

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