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  •  I think they are already doing this (2+ / 0-)
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    Dartagnan, ladybug53

    As flying toaster mentioned above, but they are also using facial recognition software (although it's not specific to your individual face, yet, only a matter of time I'm sure).  

    There is this article from BBC for anyone interested:

    Targeted real-life adverts 'know who you are'

    Targeted adverts - based on web browsing history - have become established online, but how will the public react as advertisers start to pinpoint our habits and interests in our offline life too?

    Imagine walking into a shopping centre and the video screens nearby bring up footage from the newly-released box set of your favourite TV series.

    As you approach a shoe store your mobile flashes a special offer for a pair of the trainers with the same brand as the ones you're about to wear out.

    Then, as you walk into a coffee shop...

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