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    I had years ago and the address of the empty lot next door to the home I used to own.  I either translate my name to Italian or German and use it.  Sometimes when the store is really obnoxious I use Bambi Dexterous or Trixie Delite.  

    Before modern technology, I used to do location surveys for a large national supermarket chain.  I had a giant map (they used census tract maps) with a little over a 5 mile radius from the store.  I would spend a week asking people to show me where they lived on the map and I would put a dot on it.  You'd be surprised how many people cannot read a map.  I had a shopping survey with it but no one ever used that info.  They were only interested in the trade area of the particular store.  Sometimes I would update a very large wall map with all the competitors stores as well as my employer's stores.  Trade areas are pretty interesting.  I then worked for a national convenience store chain.  A supermarket has about a 5 mile trade area unless there is an expressway or some other traffic impediment.  A convenience store has about 3/4 mile radius trade area around it.

    There is a way to go to a competitor's market, count bread and a few other items and figure out the sales volume.  I never learned the formula.

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