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View Diary: Out of Control NSA Spied on U.N., E.U. (214 comments)

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  •  I agree with this, and it reminds me why spying is (1+ / 0-)
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    Tony Situ

    such a dangerous occupation. It carries significant risks because although everyone spies on everyone else (countries, governments, political movements), no one likes being the target, everyone tries to prevent being spied upon themselves... and so when spies are caught and captured, they are punished severely ... even killed in many cases. Even though everyone knows they are all spying on each other all the time. The fact that spies are punished if caught doesn't translate into the idea that the spying should not occur. Anyone knows that being a spy (individual or agency) carries a huge risk of exposure and whatever comes from it.

    It seems to me this is true even in every day relationships, and work places, office politics. Snooping, gossiping and trading secrets and inside info, and taking risks to get hands on secret information, find out what's really going on, get an upper hand against opponents or those who may stand in your way or pose a perceived threat ... and doing so despite the risk of facing punishment, from simple embarrassment to being fired, if found out.

    But that doesn't stop it for a minute. Seems like human nature. That's why it seems unrealistic to me, to expect the US government to forego efforts to play this game. They will, no matter what we think. Being found out (outed by Snowden in this case) has been a big embarrassment and there will be some waves created, but nothing will fundamentally change I don't think. The US will spy, so will our friends and allies, and so will our opponents on the world stage. Those who are caught will take some lumps but I just find it hard to believe it's going to ever truly be stopped.

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