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    I live in the country where people abandon a lot of animals and have for 30 years, taken many of them in.  Some years ago I found, i.e., the dog arrived at my farm, a purebred Irish Setter.  Handsome animal.

    It was late August, I think.  Nothing unusual, just another dog.  But I couldn't get out of my mind that the dog wasn't abandoned, but lost. He was nervous, high strung, and eager to go-go-go.

    One day, a few weeks later, I went into my local farmer's grocery and read the notices pinned up on the cork board.  Lo!  There was one appealing to anyone who'd seen or found an Irish Setter.

    I made the call and heard the hope in the folks' voices.  When I arrived with what turned out to be their dog, no doubt about it after his greeting and their joy, I learned that the dog suffered terribly from fear of loud noises and had bolted July 4th at the sound of neighborhood fireworks.

    They lived easily 10 miles from my home.  Many farms, canals, and busy roads separated us.   But their dog came home months after they thought he was gone forever.

    Call your neighbors, your local fire station, and put up notices.  Lots of notices  in lots of places.  Tell the neighborhood kids to be on the look-out.  Kids and dogs always find each other.

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