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View Diary: Allow This Brit to Remind Some of You What Matters to Americans (205 comments)

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    Ray Pensador, cslewis

    Remember Occupy? Do you think thousands of people rallied all over the country in a movement that sprung up overnight occurred because we didn't know we don't have true democracy?

    That the system is broken is precisely why they went to parks instead of relying solely on the voting booth. And they were surveilled, infiltrated, violently attacked by the State, and dispersed. Laws were changed so that the the protesters could be legally evicted from various locations of assembly. The surveillance State declared them terrorists. Reports surfaced of planned assassinations.

    Were you there? Did you see them? Did you hear them?

    We protested for jobs, for education, for health care, for an end to the Wall Street hegemony, and we were violently attacked, beaten, gassed, sprayed, arrested, in some cases severely injured, by local militarized police who, with help from the Federal government, coordinated a nationwide violent suppression of the movement.

    And now I see individuals here who ridiculed Occupy, misrepresented its activities, and generally were lukewarm or even unsupportive, now acting as if all the left worries about is the fourth amendment. Gee, considering the recent history, it is rather oblivious to not understand why the left wants rights protected.

    My god, what disingenuous nonsense. Newsflash: Occupy was all about jobs, education, and health care. And because of a crackdown which largely trashed civil rights, we were forcibly driven from the places of public assembly .  

    Here's a diary for you to read.

    Read that to the end, and then see if you still want to lecture me about jobs, economic disparity, education, health care, as if this issue hasn't been raised by the left. Be sure to read to the end. It's a narrative, so it won't be hard to get through.

    "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." -George Orwell

    by ZhenRen on Mon Aug 26, 2013 at 11:38:42 AM PDT

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