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View Diary: Will We Ever See 'Political' Churches Pay Taxes? (Revised) (240 comments)

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  •  I used to attend a church in VA that I called (5+ / 0-)

    Our Lady of the Toll Booth, due to its proximity to the Dulles Toll Road. They got a new pastor in who was quite conservative, and I will never forget (or forgive) his sermon 2 weeks before Shrub's second election: Vote for the man who's pro-life (that'd be Shrub) or you'll answer to God. The sermon was nominally about abortion, but when he said, "A fetus in its mother's womb is in more danger than a soldier in Iraq," I walked out, never to return (I did tell him I thought his words reprehensible, for all the good that did.)

    Some years later, a conservative church in Kaleeforneeya was all wrapped around the axle over Prop 9. They were handing out lawn signs et al., and I asked a woman why a church was getting involved in politics. "This is a moral issue," she said. I called the local representative's office to bring it to her attention. Never heard back.

    •  Champ - churches have wide latitude (2+ / 0-)

      on issues like abortion and same sex marriage that go to the heart of their doctrine. The IRS gives churches very wide latitude on those issues as long as they don't exceed 20% of their total annual expenses. That is why the Catholic Church and the Mormons were able to spend tens of million on California Proposition 8 without any negative consequences from the IRS. A church who is actively involved in the politics of the pro-life movement isn't violating any IRS guidelines. That's likely why you never heard back from the local rep.

      "let's talk about that"

      by VClib on Mon Aug 26, 2013 at 08:41:35 AM PDT

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