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  •  The culture of obedience has only one command -- (17+ / 0-)

    obey.  If that command is followed, anything can be done and everything will be forgiven. Indeed, the attrocities that are forgiven serve as a psychological constraint. Should obedience lapse, they will be revealed to the world.
    Of course, now it no longer matters that Saddam ordered the use of nerve gas (which he purchased or got as a gift from the U.S.) because Saddam, having proved incorrigibly disobedient, is dead. Now he's just more evidence of what happens to people who don't obey.
    Personally, I can't get upset over hundreds or thousands being killed on the spot when I consider that the alternative was to endure bombardment from the air for years, the destruction of the cradle of civilization and corpses rotting in the rivers and streets.
    Is the release of more evidence against the dead Saddam Hussein supposed to distract us from the fact that the CIA instructed Iraqis in the art of making sophisticated car bombs to generate mayhem which would then provide an excuse for the U.S. to "intervene"? Are supposed to forget that history and buy the story that the resurgence of car bombs in Iraq is something new?

    I'm still waiting for an explanation of how the cars that were blowing up in Iraq, having been stolen in the American southwest, got to their final resting place half way around the globe. A couple of news reports exposed the inconvenient truth that VIN numbers aren't just in places where they are easy to scratch out. And that's the last that was heard about that.
    The thing left out. That's where the truth is found.

    •  Obviously they we taken south by Mexican (4+ / 0-)
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      Car Mules. / snark

      Thump! Bang. Whack-boing. It's dub!

      by dadadata on Mon Aug 26, 2013 at 04:48:52 AM PDT

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    •  The culture of obedience is modeled on the (3+ / 0-)

      Holy Roman Catholic Church. Not only can any sin be forgiven through confession and the performance of a modest penance, but indulgences can earn forgiveness ahead of time.
      The evil that men do doesn't live after them, it can be erased before they're even dead.

      Taking the intent for the act doesn't just mean no action need occur, but that the moral import of actions that are taken is ruled out. Dead people are just collateral damage; no moral culpability attends.
      It's a neat psychological trick, until the troops wake up in cold sweats and the dreads come home to roost.
      Sending people off to kill in cold blood has to be the worst crime, unless we let it go unpunished.
      The triangulators need to be called to account.

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