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  •  I'll tell you how it's "liberal" cynicism. (0+ / 0-)

    Bill O'Reilly did a segment (later debunked, but that's not even relevant here) about how the US had mass-tortured Germany prisoners in World War II at a certain battlefield.

    (For another POV on how America treated its German Nazi POWs, read my 2007 diary, My Mother Baked Biscuits for Nazis.)

    Bill O'Reilly's point wasn't that torture was BAD, though.  Bill O'Reilly's point was basically:  "Torture?  SO WHAT?  That cow's been out of the barn for 60 years!  Why complain about it now?  Why act as if it's a big deal when it's just business as usual?"  It's cynicism as an attempt to JUSTIFY continued actions without addressing the morality of it at all.

    The difference when liberals make this argument is that they're saying this: "Torture?  SO WHAT?  Sure, it's awful, awful, but I saw a History Channel thing about it, and it just confirms we're the suckiest country in the history of the world, so what do you expect?  I can't believe you're just learning about this now!  You sound so naive!  We should be worrying about more real world things, like the Obama Rodeo Clown!"

    That's a totally different argument.  It acknowledges the immorality of the action while snidely insinuating that being distressed about it is a sign of not knowing the evil nature of the world.  It doesn't justify more torture.  It just yawns and feigns an air of superiority.

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