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View Diary: Songs in the Key of Brutality: Young Black Man Tackled, Immobilized and Jailed for Singing. (update) (201 comments)

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  •  video by Aurthur Kohl-Riggs @ 0:56 A&B by Female (4+ / 0-)

    Police Thug.

    Grabbing a person's anthrax while grinding your fist into the throat below the ear is not legal.

    It is to cause the person to react so the police can escalate their violence against the individual.

    Obama needs to put a stop to this police violence now and stop talking bullshit about stoping it in other countries. If we don't have the freedom that are in Constitution we don't have shit.

    President Obama, Time to get off the sidelines and into the fight. If not then Shut the Fuck Up as you don't give a rat's ass about the Constitution or America.

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