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View Diary: Starbucks' stance on Obamacare–Will you buy another cup of coffee? (200 comments)

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    I used to go to Starbucks all the time, but not now that they go out of their way to curry favor with the lunatics who insist they have the right to openly carry guns everywhere they go.  Starbucks claims that they are just complying with local laws, but they ban smoking in states where public smoking is legal, and they ban their employees from carrying guns in their stores and at the headquarters.  Maybe it's their way of doing outreach to a crowd that would otherwise turn their noses up at a latte, or maybe they're just scared of what gun owners will do if they change their position, but whatever the reason, Starbucks stores have become a favorite meeting place for gun nuts wanting to make a public statement in support of their reading of the 2d Amendment.  So if Starbucks is OK with becoming a magnet for gun-toting patrons, I am perfectly happy to get my coffee elsewhere.  Plenty of other free trade-loving, employee-friendly and environmentally responsible coffee houses out there that don't permit guns.

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