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View Diary: Republican leaders asked to speak at March on Washington anniversary, declined (92 comments)

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  •  I vehemently disagree (5+ / 0-)
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    that a Rep. Boehner or Rep. Cantor should have declined to speak and that it would have been intellectually dishonest to speak. Rep. Boehner is the House leader of not just the Republican constituency but of the nation. I'm not suggesting that you stand there and talk about the 72% of unwed Black mothers as I've watched on Fox News coverage but a leader should be able to stand and deliver 7 minutes on the legacy of Dr. King, our leadership before the world and challenge that continues with equipping a new generation for a changing economy, global competition and technology.

    The same responsibility that they claim liberals don't fulfill, the patriotism that liberals don't have and governance the president is supposed to do for all of America as he embraced Trayvon Martin and not Australian baseball player Christopher Lane is the same responsibility they had to address this nation on this iconic occasion.  

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