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    From the urban dictionary, emphasis mine:

    shot 1  (sht)
    1. The firing or discharge of a weapon, such as a gun.
    2. The distance over which something is shot; the range.
    a. An attempt to hit a target with a projectile: His shot at the bear missed by inches.
    b. An attempt to reach a target with a rocket: a moon shot.
    a. Sports An attempt to score in a game, as in soccer or hockey.
    b. Baseball A home run.
    5. Sports & Games
    a. The flight or path of a projectile in a game.
    b. A stroke in a game, as in golf or billiards.
    6. A pointed or critical remark.
    7. Informal
    a. An attempt; a try: took a shot at losing weight.
    b. A guess.
    c. An opportunity: gave him a fair shot at the part in the play.
    d. A chance at odds; something to bet on: The horse was a four-to-one shot.
    a. A solid projectile designed to be discharged from a firearm or cannon.

    b. pl. shot Such projectiles considered as a group.
    c. pl. shot Tiny lead or steel pellets, especially ones used in a shotgun cartridge.
    d. One of these pellets.
    9. Sports The heavy metal ball that is put for distance in the shot put.
    10. One who shoots in a particular way: a good shot with the rifle and the bow.
    a. A charge of explosives used in blasting mine shafts.
    b. A detonation of an explosive charge.
    a. A photographic view or exposure: got a good shot of that last model.
    b. A developed photographic image.
    c. A single cinematic take.
    a. A hypodermic injection.
    b. A small amount given or applied at one time: a shot of oxygen.
    14. A drink, especially a jigger of liquor.
    15. An amount to be paid, as for drinks; a bill.
    16. Nautical A length of chain equal to 15 fathoms (90 feet) in the United States and 12 1/2 fathoms (75 feet) in Great Britain.
    According to you, one couldn't be shot with a BB gun.

    Had I been shot with something as hard as a rubber bullet, I would be injured and require treatment. I'm a small person with a complicated medical condition. I am also a shooter, as in I have used firearms and was trained by the NRA. If I hit anything with any type of projectile out of my weapon, I would define that as being shot.

    The title didn't say the person was "shot and killed," and I didn't assume that upon reading the headline.

    You are making up your own definition and your definition is incorrect. Time to stop defending what's incorrect and let it go.

    You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else. -- Sir Winston Churchill

    by bleeding heart on Thu Aug 29, 2013 at 01:10:58 PM PDT

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