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    lawboy, llywrch, bartcopfan, Ahianne

    I "make" over $40,000, tax free.

    And I'm willing to share my formula with others.

    First, lose a leg, above the knee at 18, in Vietnam. That's good for the bulk of that money as that loss also prompted a disability rating for PTSD.

    Then pay in to Social Security for 20 + years and collect SS Disability pay again for R/AK leg amputation and PTSD after you can no longer toil.

    Nothing to it, a sound and fiscally prudent plan. I chose the hand grenade explosion option.

    I still pay property tax and excise tax, which go to my local school system and town functioning.

    My wife has to pay income tax on her disability income as she contracted MS but had the foresight to purchase a disability insurance policy which replaces some of her income lost due to disease.

    But we are living the high life, in between MD visits.

    I suspect the wingnuts want my VA money shut off at 65 as it is deigned for "industrial impairment".  But nobody has said that, to my face.

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      Only I "earned"  my VA disability by contracting that long slow death sentence known as cancer.

      Worked for 40+ years to be "entitled' to my SSI.

      All the RWNJ's who want to cut off my SS and VA disability should spend a year doing the MD check up routine and pay my medical bills AND the taxes on my to hear their story after that.


      Thanks for your service to this country.

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