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  •  Snopes says he may have acted crazy to dodge (2+ / 0-)
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    Snopes investigated whether Nugent dodged the draft by taking drugs and acting crazy and noted that he did fail his draft physical but that this question was "undetermined."  
    First they quote an interview he gave in 1977 to High Times magazine in which he claimed that he didn't bathe for 30 days before his physical, ate an unhealthy diet, and "[t]hen a week before, I stopped going to the bathroom.  I did it in my pants.  Poop, piss, the whole shot.  My pants got crusted up."  He also claimed that he took crystal meth before his physical -- and he said that again in a different interview.
    Snopes then reviews the Selective Service records that show that Nugent had a student deferment for part of the time that he was eligible for the draft but that he also failed a physical examination and received a medical deferment.  They conclude:  "Without more details about the results of that physical examination, however, we can't ascertain how much it may match or depart from the account Nugent gave to High Times back in 1977."  

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