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View Diary: (Updated) Winston Smith's Telescreen Has Arrived: DHS To Scan Americans in Public Places (209 comments)

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    more cops (presumably to chase the invented boogeyman that supposedly justify all these transparent assaults on the Constitution), end the grossly un-American (and completely pointless in it's stated goal) drug war.

    The 'answer' isn't less freedom... It's more freedom. Same with gun crime. End the drug war, end a huge profit stream for gun manufacturers (which would then make guns more expensive & more scarce). You would have a lot of wingers and people that think themselves libertarians fighting with you, instead of against you, and... Sry, I digress.

    "tech must be used"
    Scary thinking. Wrong direction.

    Money speaks for money, the devil for his own... Who comes to speak for the skin and the bone?

    by LeftOverAmerica on Fri Aug 30, 2013 at 12:58:06 PM PDT

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