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View Diary: To my fellow Obamab*ts - Snowden/Greenwald bashing is Missing the Point (318 comments)

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  •  I don't ask or expect (6+ / 0-)

    people to change their general politics.  I do expect that people will recognize there are realities of power and systems of power that are far far larger than an electoral agenda.  I don't have an electoral agenda for the simple reason that I don't believe there are any politicians on earth that could adequately represent me, so it annoys me when I'm accused of wanting to hurt or advance this or that pol.  It simply goes to show that the person making the charge against me hasn't taken a fucking second to find out anything about me and is trying to cram me into one of their prefab pigeon-holes.  Exactly that which I reject in the first place.

    I was in active NSA service at the time of the Church Committee.  It revealed an enormous amount, both in terms of official organizational tables, charts and responsibilities, but far more interesting, the unmapped flows and divisions of power, authority, and ideology within the complex matrix of NSA.

    One extremely dangerous thing it revealed is that actual intelligence professionals were not the largest group within the community.  That position was held by self-enamoured, authoritarian quasi-fascists.  Fortunately, the intel pros not only by virtue of the merit as ops tended to cluster in key, decisive areas within the community.  They also tended to have much more credibility and support among the single-term young military ops assigned to No Such Agency duties.  People like me.  The funny thing is 35 years later there's only one of the proto-fascists I can name, and that's because he shared a nickname with a 1960s baseball player.  The smaller group of pros? I can name half a dozen off the top of my head even now.  

    As I recall the Church Committee, their findings were met with arrogant anger, a "how dare they?" attitude by the fascists, while the pros met the findings with a breath of relief.  So many gray areas were eliminated, they could say "no" to illegal orders without being "insubordnate", they could focus on genuine intelligence functions.  I'm certain beyond words that this group did not warmly embrace the Bush/Obama domestic surveillance program, I feel certain they fought against it with every force they could bring to bear.  It's also obvious that they lost the internal battle.  

    That leaves only the very frightening quasi-fascist types in charge.  I also understand who the leakers are.  Notice that they're younger?  I'll bet the old pros found paths to retirement and reassignment once they saw the handwriting on the wall.  That left their younger sjupporters, if I was 35 years younger the mes, hung ojut to dry.  Retirement is not an option,.  They are too junior to have the necessary connections for quiet reassignments.  They're stuck under the operational thumbs of people whose attitudes and ideology they not only despise, but fear as citizens.  What other recourse do they have but to try to expose this danger to their fellow citizens?

    Fascists always wrap themselves in the flag.  That hardly makes them better patriots than those who take grave personal risks to obstruct the agenda of fascists and uphold a democratic republic's highest principles.  

    Clap On, Clap Off, The Clapper!

    by ActivistGuy on Fri Aug 30, 2013 at 06:48:02 PM PDT

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