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View Diary: Putin: Obama cannot go to war without sharing the "evidence" for the chemical weapons (82 comments)

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  •  The one curiousity that puzzles me.... (0+ / 0-)

    How is it 1400+ died in the attack, yet NO ONE, even reflexily fired up a cell phone video camera to record the incident as it occured. Given how many cell phones there are on Earth now.

    It just strikes me odd, even if the person died in the attack, certainly family or authorities recovering the bodies would have found a camera with the incident recorded.

    Think about the Boston Marathon, where hundreds ... thousands... captured the incident as it unfolded.

    Yet not even one caught this horrific incident.

    Beyond that, it is always bad news when Putin makes sense, and the US leadership doesn't.

    I will not consent until the complete truth and evidence is released. There is no secret tech to expose here, about the only thing you can expose is that we had broken Syrian military codes and encryption.... I think THEY already figured THAT out anyway.

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