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View Diary: A list of intellectuals who support the war with Syria (202 comments)

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  •  Watching cable news this week has been (7+ / 0-)

    like reliving the bad old days of the Bush Presidency - except on MSNBC which has basically ignored the Syria question as best they can.

    The only pushback on MSNBC that I've seen was Lawrence O'Donnell questioning Steve Clemons' claim that the chemical weapons in Syria pose a direct threat to Americans here in the United States.  

    So, on CNN all the old NeoCon creeps are coming out of the woodwork goading the President on to take military action and on MSNBC when they aren't talking about the ACA, Republican gaffes and celebrating Martin Luther King (which is merited, but still a bit less pressing news than an impending threat of war), they are basically dedicating their short segments on the Syria question to two basic messages - trust the President and it's not his fault.

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