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View Diary: Walton Family-funded Neoliberals Campaign for Syrian Invasion (43 comments)

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    I downloaded both the Syria document and the "talking points ebook," and I don't find them to be either extreme or hawkish. In fact, the talking points book says

    There are no good options in Syria. We have a responsibility to not make things worse, but it’s not clear that direct American intervention would help.
    A nuclear-armed Iran is unacceptable. The best way to stop Iran is at the negotiating table.
    There’s no question we don’t want to endanger Americans by haphazardly releasing prisoners, but we need to come up with better options than indefinite detention in Guantanamo.
    Q: Administration critics claim that the White House misled the public about attacks on the US Ambassador to Libya in Benghazi. Do you think that there’s a cover-up?
    A: No. And these charges distract us from the real issue—the safety of America’s representatives abroad. Despite nine (and counting) congressional hearings on the Benghazi attack, there is no evidence suggesting that the Administration deliberately misled Congress or the public.
    If there is a lot of war-mongering in either of these documents, I'm missing it.

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    by bmaples on Sat Aug 31, 2013 at 03:34:02 PM PDT

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