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  •  Shorter Ray: (59+ / 0-)

    "People shouldn't personally attack so I'm going to personally attack them!"

    So let's see. Here's the pattern:

    -Make lots of inflammatory statements that carry as premises the assumption that all the apparatuses of power are aligned in opposition of what The People's inteststs are.
    -Focus permissible 'disagreement' on the conclusions, and regard questioning the premises as off-limits.
    -Regard those who don't believe in the premises as either fools hypnotized by the media elite or willing accomplices of the same.
    -Coupled with the above, portray oneself as one of the few who are able to see through the veil of the mainstream media's deception, and intimate that those who agree are similarly intellectually gifted.
    -When people treat the inflammatory statements as inflammatory and respond in kind, cry foul.
    -When people find the premises of these arguments so risible as to be fundamentally unserious, play the martyr.
    -Claim that unspecified "disruptors" and various agents provocateur of the oligarchs running things are trying to silence/stifle/bully the speaker of truth into submission.
    -Persistent, repeated conflation of challenging the premises of the argument with personal attacks and persecution.
    -Direct aggression towards those who disagree coupled with playing the victim when that aggression is met in kind.
    -Shows of portraying oneself as virtuous, including facile displays of false humility, and by contrast one's detractors as actively malign.
    -Active efforts to avoid fact-checking through accusations that such ventures constitute a personal assault on one's integrity.
    -Always, always promoting mistrust in every available source of information that does not dovetail with one's ideology, in particular the "mainstream" media, the government, both political parties, and major corporations. Promote the feeling of isolation in a sea of malevolence, and that banding together with the few, enlightened like-minded people (as defined by oneself, of course) one can gain strength and unity of purpose.

    Now who does that describe:

    A) Glenn Beck;
    B) Ray Pensador?

    It continues to surprise me that Ray follows the same playbook as Glenn Beck, tactic by tactic, simply with a flipped ideology.

    And it truly alarms me that a few hundred progressives are credulous enough to not recognize the tactic for what it is.

    Witness this diary: Ray is openly on the attack while claiming victimhood, and more than a hundred people don't seem to notice the doublethink required to believe it.

    Now, notice everything I said above describes the tactics, the methods, and the argumentation being employed. Ray will regard this as an attack on him, of course. Because that's what he's always done.

    "Much of movement conservatism is a con and the base is the marks." -- Chris Hayes

    by raptavio on Thu Sep 05, 2013 at 07:51:00 AM PDT

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