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View Diary: Everyone should know a little Yiddish: Ashkenazi dreams of a young Sicilian Catholic boy. (26 comments)

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  •  Thanks for this intriguing viewpoint, 'tho I hope, (0+ / 0-)

    as you continue to explore this aspect of your heritage, you'll study also materials that dispute your tentative conclusions as well as those that support them.

    For example, while it's ethnologically and theologically understandable that western culture chooses to regard Torah as "the original book" - Christianity (and to a lesser extent perhaps Islam) seem to follow the historical path of utilizing a longlived pre-existing religion as a basis of claim for their own validity, while at the same time discrediting that validity in favor of themselves, much as teenagers and college students deride their parents' and grand-parents' labors and claim they are who ruined the world for every generation to follow.  

    The actual non-originality of roots makes perfect and ironic sense, given that earliest Judaism is rooted in and constructed from earlier fertile crescent god-beliefs interwoven with new ideas, as discussed by John Romer in the early chapters of his book Testament: The Bible and History (c1988) and the television series made from it, among many other scholarly voices on that particular topic.  The notion of  "an insane sand God who promotes genocide as the ultimate goal of his peculiar brand of piety" may characterize the infancies of these and other religions, without taking into account that any philosophy must mature and evolve with the cultures that it involves if it is to remain of spiritual and of survival value through the worst that history can devise.

    Whatever the flaws and ambivalences of your essay, it certainly cannot be faulted for passion and commitment.  I hope you'll continue to share your experiences and views as you continue to study this admittedly endless area of inquiry and develop further insights.  I've found much of what you discussed very worthwhile and I'm glad to have read it.

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