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  •  Yep. That's why so many high schoolers read Rand (3+ / 0-)
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    The Marti, devis1, VClib

    The Ayn Rand institute donates hundreds of thousands of copies of her dreck to high schools.  If you're a cash-strapped high school and need to fill in curriculum, so you buy hundreds of copies of real books or teach the one that is being offered to you for free.

    And the teenage years are a great time to indoctrinate people in objectivism.  At that age, the ideas appeal to every teenager's natural narcissism.  It tells them that "you're completely self-absorbed at your age, and that's perfectly good!"  

    As an added bonus, all those free books handed out count as sales (the author "buys" the books from his or her own publisher at a discount), and that's why Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead are on best seller lists year after year.  


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