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View Diary: Senators Heitkamp and Manchin float diplomatic alternative to military strikes on Syria (219 comments)

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    a few  pictures and maybe truth, maybe CT

    Some of the circumstances around the incidents in Lebanon in 1983 and now thirty years later in Syria are familiar.  U.S. intelligence agencies were aware of potential trouble but did not report the problems in sufficient time for actions to be taken.  President Obama said that the U.S. had intercepted signals indicating the Syrian government was moving equipment into place for an attack, but the U.S. did not warn the Syrian government that the U.S. knew what was happening and did not warn civilians that a chemical attack was imminent.

    Thirty years before, on September 26, 1983, "the National Security Agency (NSA) intercepted an Iranian diplomatic communications message from the Iranian intelligence agency, the Ministry of Information and Security (MOIS)," to its ambassador, Ali Akbar Mohtashemi, in Damascus. The message directed the ambassador to "take spectacular action against the American Marines.”  The intercepted message, dated September 26, was not passed to the Marines until a month later on October 26: three days after the bombing.

    Geraghty wrote 20 years later, “The coordinated dual suicide attacks, supported, planned, organized, and financed by Iran and Syria using Shiite proxies, achieved their strategic goal: the withdrawal of the multinational force from Lebanon and a dramatic change in U.S. national policy. The synchronized attacks that morning killed 299 U.S. and French peacekeepers and wounded scores more. The cost to the Iranian/Syrian-supported operation was two suicide bombers dead.”

    I believe (and I hope I am wrong) that Israel is using us as a tool to smite Iran.

    If someone wants to claim our purpose in our National Security Strategy is to protect the US..., they'd have a hard time. It would be much easier to make the case that the conscious purpose is to spread chaos, confrontation, and terror. Jim P

    by sailmaker on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 10:47:22 AM PDT

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