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View Diary: Senators Heitkamp and Manchin float diplomatic alternative to military strikes on Syria (219 comments)

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    You are in any position to claim anyone else's position is odious or dishonest.  The idea that either humanitarian efforts or diplomacy will restrain Assad is laughable.  If we give a lot of money to refugee camps why on earth would that make Assad stop attacking civilians?  Explain how that leverage is supposed to work.  Similarly, diplomacy has been ongoing for two years with the result of attacks on civilians.  Again, what possible mechanism or process is going to work?  We can't even get a statement of condemnation out of the UN and I don't think it is credible that Assad cares what the west thinks anyway.  We already have pretty stuff sanctions in place.  What leverage is there for diplomacy?

    We don't know if a limited military attack will work, but we know that humanitarian aid won't work and diplomacy is extremely extremely unlikely to work.  Assad is clearly betting that the west won't launch another Iraq style attack, and he is clearly correct.  Obviously, that's not a particularly good argument because no one is threatening to launch such an attack, so it doesn't enter the calculus.  I am sure he isn't dissuaded by our nuclear arsenal either since he knows we won't use it. Since neither

    So, we are left with a choice of military actions that might work, and diplomacy and humanitarian aid which are nearly guaranteed to fail.   So, yes, people who are pushing for doing nothing or for doing clearly ineffectual things are failing to consider the likely consequences of such options.  Since neither has any chance of success, I think it is safe to say that those options de facto give Assad all the room he needs to attack civilians with CW. I don't see how one can avoi that conclusion. Not odious, just the reality of a bad situation

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