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View Diary: Obama's Second Term hinges on Syria Vote (118 comments)

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    Right now I am conflicted. I am SICK TO DEATH of these freaking wars. I am tired of Afghanistan, Iraq,  I am sick of these terrorist groups in the Middle East who want to do us harm.  If we don't ever see another soldier go to war it won't be too soon.

    BUT do we just not do anything while Assad kill his people with chemical gas? What if he does it again on a larger scale?  I think the International community wants us to get involved with this without helping and that may be a problem. Israel, Turkey and and the rest our allies are sitting ducks if the USA doesn't scare, shame or attack Assad.   Obama is in this predicament because of the lies told by the Bush Admin. These same imbecils who stood lock stock and barrel with Bush to go attack Iraq got the gall to criticize Obama especially these arm chair GOP in the congress . Please spare me.

    What I do know over watching Obama over the last 5.5 years is that he will not listen to me or anyone else when he sees a potential dangerous situation escalating where it affects us down the road. A Dictator gassing his people? I am looking thru his lenses as president and I sense he is afraid that if we USA let this be the norm, you will start to see a cascade of other tyrants using this method of killing in the masses and if that happens the UN needs to step up and help and NATO .

    He has never listened to polls, news organizations, media or the uninformed voter out here when he knows in his gut that he has to make the call that everyone will hate. He did it with Healthcare, He did it with the WallStreet BAILOUTS, GM Bailouts, Going into Libya to help the rebels with Khaddafi, Going into Eqypt to get Mubarack out. He did it with making the call to go after OSAMA BIN LADEN. That is who he is. He has always gone with his GUT and 90% of the time he was right.

    Obama doesn't want to do this and he especially don't want to do this alone, so I think he is playing chess while other are playing checkers. He is either trying to get out of doing this alone and maybe show the international community that the congress is about to vote this down and he will listen to them  OR he is stalling and trying to fool assad because he is about the give the order.

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