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View Diary: Obama's Second Term hinges on Syria Vote (118 comments)

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    as much as I like President Obama, I'm not going to support yet another military action in the Middle East just because President Obama stepped in a big pile of doggy doo-doo. It's his mistake, let the chips fall where they may.

    Obama has already lost this battle, no way will Congress ever approve this. Progressives opposing yet another military intervention combining with Republicans who cheered Dubya on in Afghanistan & Iraq suddenly becoming anti-war activist just to bring Obama down? I saw this one coming a mile away, too bad the President and his advisers couldn't see the obvious.

    Now, let's get behind a better idea - Manchin and Hietkamp's proposal to give Assad a chance to renounce chemical weapons is a good start.

    David Koch, a teacher and a Tea Partier sit down a table with a plate of a dozen cookies. Koch quickly stuffs 11 cookies in his pockets, leans to the bagger and says "watch out, the union thug will try to steal your cookie".

    by Dave in AZ on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 08:52:37 AM PDT

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