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View Diary: State Medicaid expansion refusal causes North Carolina hospital to close (57 comments)

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    phonegery, tb mare

    Drinking a glass of V-8 a day is keeping the salt in range, I was sent home under Hospice care for other discoveries and am doing well, spirits and all. It's simply another leg of my adventure. Finding new and beautiful things though loosing patience rapidly with the right wing determination to bring this 'americu' of theirs to its' knees
    and render so much pain to strangers they've decided aren't "good enough" to breathe their unfit air.

    I don't think even the Devil would claim these df's as his children. me thinks they are in for a helluva surprise once their lights go out. No Angels, No Golden Horns and the
    drinking water's piped in from Chernoble.

    Soap Box closed for the night. Love and Peace, good people.

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