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  •  Which part was dickish? (13+ / 0-)

    Was it the "Paranoid" part?

    From your opening:

    I've come to the conclusion that, one, this war was (is) going to happen one way or another (fait accompli), two, we are being lied to about the reasons and the scope of the war, and three, that in the final analysis what we are witnessing is the beginning of a power-play of global proportions.
    Was it the "conspiracy" language?

    From your diary:

    My take (again, my opinion/conclusion) is that the revelations by Edward Snowden, by exposing the global reach of the total-information-awareness surveillance state, may have alerted the world to America's true intentions, and if so, that may explain the rush to war with Syria--a war that has the potential of quickly escalating to a major international conflagration.
    Was it "theory"?

    From your conclusions:

    I'll continue to follow the deliberations in Congress, but again, as I've been arguing for quite some time now, my take is that this has been the plan for quite some time--to attack Syria and remove Assad from power at a minimum, and very possible, an actual power-play at a global scale.
    Or was it the "global proportions" part considering the diary in question was titled "A Power play of Global Proportions".

    You asked for "spirited debate about this topic, and [you are] especially interested in hearing from people who do not agree with [your] position".

    I agree with Handen that you were articulating a "[p]aranoid conspiracy theory of global proportions" and I am glad that he presented a spattering of examples which showed that there is a pattern of you presenting [p]aranoid conspiracy theor[ies] of global proportions.

    I, for one, have no problem being led by a 3500 year old Pharaoh who was trained by space aliens on a distant star.

    by Tomtech on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 12:38:29 PM PDT

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