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    "slide into electoral irrelevance will continue"

    what slide?

    Our country is more right wing than at any time since the 1920s. There is no left wing at all.

    The Republicans, with more conservative ideas than ever before, control the  House. They also control most states.

    The conservative court has undone much of what had been accomplished, and even undermined fundamental law.

    These kinds of comments that I quoted above reflect a deep detachment from reality.

    These dreamy illusions are only encouraged by a readership that wants to be stroked.

    If the Democrats plan to organize in the future along racial lines, as this and many other opinions unashamedly proclaim, where is the moral high ground going to be and what makes this any diifferent than the Republicans?

    The unabashed Democratic appeal to race will continue to drive whites out of the party. Rather than applauding this reactionary development, thoughtful progressives should be launching a thoughtful discussion of what has and is going wrong.  

    •  Who said anyone is organizing along racial lines? (0+ / 0-)

      We're talking about people of color running away from you in droves.  Thanks for helping us out with what "thoughtful progressives" should be doing, concern troll.  

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