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View Diary: Why I support authorizing the President to use military force in Syria (186 comments)

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    1. I'm not saying we are the morality police, but sometimes shit happens in the world that we need to responsd to, sometimes with force. Assad using chemical weapons is one such situation in my judgment and the judgment of our President.

    2. Assad has demonstrated that he is willing to stoop to any atrocity to prevail in his civil war. He is not going to be appeased into backing down. He will have to be weakened.

    3. The weapons inspectors haven't said shit that would lead me to believe that Assad didn't use chemical weapons.

    4. Whether we use force in Syria or not isn't going to make the tinies bit of difference in the state of our economy.

    5. This just seems king isolationist and racist to me.

    `You needn't go on making remarks like that, ... they're not sensible, and they put me out.'

    by seanwright on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 02:54:15 PM PDT

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      1. That is exactly what you are saying when you say we just have to react.  Why do we have to react, especially when even the president admits there is no imminent threat to the US.  Your judgment and the presidents judgment is predisposed by you moralistic view of the world and without international support or even US public support we do not have the moral standing to do anything.

      2. Assad is not going to be appeased into negotiations, you may be correct, but he is desperate so weakening him will not make him come to the negotiating table.  He has already shown he is capable of using gas once and barring the US destroying his weapons, which is not the plan, what makes you think he won't use them again in desperation.  It is like beating a cornered animal.  They fight back.  It would be better to offer Assad a way out of his situation to another country, like Russia, with his money and family but that won't happen because his supporters need him in power to control the routes to the sea.

      3. it is irrelevant to me if Assad used the weapons.  I personally think he did.  That does not make it our responsibility to fix especially if the neighboring countries show no interest in taking the risks to do so.

      4. I think this is really BS that is like when they said going into Iraq would pay for itself.  And even if it is only a few missiles it will still cost around 100 million.  It is more than amounts it is priorities.

      5. you might be correct about this one but I am just replying I am not the original commenter you replied to and it is not germane.  Although there is a difference between not getting involved militarily in a civil war and being an isolationist.

      We Glory in war, in the shedding of human blood. What fools we are.

      by delver rootnose on Fri Sep 06, 2013 at 05:53:56 PM PDT

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